Sunday, 18 March 2012

Europe´s new Imperial Chief Scientist introduces herself

Most western countries nowadays have a chief scientist. That is why the EU Commission´s unelected President, former Portuguese maoist José Barroso, decided that his empire should have one, too. The new imperial über-scientist, Scottish molecular biologist Anne Glover has now introduced herself with a message that surprises no-one:

"Make no mistake, if we had unabated man-made climate change, we would go through an absolutely horrible period of conflict and migration, until the world's population started diminishing very rapidly."
"The simplest way to think about increasing jobs is to make more stuff and get people to buy more stuff. But my point is that we can't do that, because we're running out of resources," Glover said.

She pointed to estimates from scientists and campaigners that if EU consumption patterns were adopted globally, the equivalent of almost three planets would be needed to keep pace with the current rates of resource depletion.
But scientific evidence on the need to cut greenhouse gases is sufficient to compel policymakers to act, and Glover believes politicians should be forced to justify themselves whenever they choose to ignore clear scientific findings

"I accept that there will be times when that evidence is rejected for a number of reasons, they could be ethical, economic or social," she said.

"But when that happens, there should be an obligation to highlight that the policy differs from the one the evidence would suggest.

Evidence is quite a precious thing. It's normally produced at a substantial cost, it's peer-reviewed,. So you have a very robust valuable resource, and people need to be very certain why they would reject it."

The new Imperial Chief Scientist is certainly right about one thing - "the substantial cost" of the dubious "evidence" produced by the IPCC´s united warmists.  Everything else in her  "message" is the same empty greenie propaganda that we are used to hear from the overpaid, politically correct EU and UN bureacrats and people like Al Gore, who specialize in teaching others what they do not practise themselves.

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