Friday, 27 April 2012

Indian agriculture minister: "Global warming has not adversely impacted India´s agriculture production"

Remember all those doomsdays predictions about global warming leading to famine and huge harvest failures in India and other countries?

Well, it did not happen:

Global warming has not adversely impacted India's agriculture production which has been increasing over the last five years, the Rajya Sabha was informed on Friday.
"In the last five years ... wheat, rice, sugarcane and cotton production has not dropped, but increased," agriculture minister Sharad Pawar said during Question Hour. "In fact," he said, "except for Nigeria, no negative impact of global warming has been reported globally so far".
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But if anybody thinks that Lester Brown and the other scaremongers will admit that they were wrong - again -  it will not happen. These people never accept facts. Instead they will invent new "predictions" about even worse things to come ...

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