Thursday, 2 August 2012

David Cameron meets dictator Putin at Downing Street 10

David Cameron has met with Vladmir Putin at Downing Street 10. According to Sky News there was - as expected - no progress with regard to Putin´s unwillingness to see fellow dictator Bashar al-Assad dethroned.

Also according to Sky News, Cameron brought up the case of the three girls - The Pussy Riot - jailed for months for staging a protest against Putin, and who now face a lengthy prison sentences. It goes without saying  that Putin did not offer to free the innocent girls.

If there were any justice in the world, the thief and criminal who has proclaimed himself lifetime president of the mafia state Russia, would have been jailed upon entering the UK. Regrettably, only minor dictators face justice in Europe. If you are the "leader" of a big enough petro-gas empire, your host takes you to see the Olympic judo competition instead.

Somewhat later today Sky News had invited an Armenian "Russia analyst" by the name of Lilit Gevorgyan to provide "expert" commentary on Putin´s meeting with Cameron. One wonders why they bothered, when they could had somebody from the dictator´s own PR department to provide exactly the same message for free.

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