Friday, 3 August 2012

Reuters praising Putin´s fake leniency

It is amazing that an experienced journalist like Reuters´ Mark Trevelyan (who describes himself in this way: "I have reported for Reuters from nearly 40 countries over 25 years, with postings in Brussels, Warsaw, Moscow, Berlin and Wellington, New Zealand".) is willing to act as a de facto PR man for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin
"Putin and Phelps show golden touch"

Putin, who cultivates a macho image based partly on his skills on the mat, slapped the victor repeatedly on the back and grabbed his cheeks with both hands.

In buoyant mood, he went on to suggest to Russian news agency Interfax that members of female punk band Pussy Riot, on trial for protesting against him in a Moscow cathedral, should not be judged too harshly.

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What Putin said about not too harsh judgment for Pussy Riot - who have been jailed for months and face a prison sentence - was nothing but damage limitation. Putin has finally realized that his decision to have the three innocent girls thrown into prison was a huge mistake. Now he fakes leniency - and Reuters´ Trevelyan thinks that´s a "golden touch"!

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