Friday, 24 August 2012

Newest global warming scare: The future of American football is threatened!

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The next global warming scare is here: The future of American football is threatened! 
This is what happens when an American sportswriter is brainwashed by the climate change alarmists´ propaganda: 
With a choice, kids may opt out of putting themselves through hellish conditioning in a hellish environment. Or, parents may make the decision for them.
It may sound alarmist now, but not if you project the current weather trends, and their potential impact, into the future.
The weather’s future may affect young people’s future in football, which inevitably would affect the future of the game itself.
Florida and Texas are the powerhouses of American football and also continuously burning up outside, even hotter than the rest of the country. Major droughts just add to the sizzle. It can feel like there’s no air to breathe during parts of the day.
If August, September, and October continue to hang on to these temperature numbers, game time at night will be gruelingly difficult, as well.
Even African-American youths, the ones counted on to carry the sport of football, may begin to turn away from the sport. African-American youth are more heavily involved in all sports now, including skateboarding, swimming, tennis and others.  In the past, opportunities for some sports were not afforded to them, or desired, but times have changed.
In the NFL, players will do what they can to make a buck, but the weather does crazy things to people. This heat can demotivate the best of them. Players may end up not playing as many years or may decide to do other things besides play football.
Injuries play a big part in this too. With less practice due to the heat, players could end up out of shape for game time and be more prone to misgivings with their bodies.
Attendance could be affected, also. If it’s going to be this hot, fans may decide the cool temperature of their home suits them fine at the start of the season, rather than sitting in the hot sun or dry heat.
So until the scientists figure out how to refreeze the polar caps from the north and the south … don’t be surprised if interest in American football slowly declines as the years move on and the temperatures keep inching upward.
It would probably be a good thing for Howard Alperin, managing editor of, who wrote the column, to cool off a little before he makes any more "predictions". Or maybe he should start writing about ice hockey instead?

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