Thursday, 23 August 2012

Greenpeace: "We don´t need such a huge amount of gas and certainly not cheap gas"

The shale gas revolution has been a game changer in the U.S. It could give an enormous boost also to Europe (which is heading for another deep recession). But that is exactly what the enviro-fundamenalist alarmists, who have hijacked the entire debate in Europe, want to prevent:  

Unless carbon capture and storage can be developed on a commercial scale, that means gas as a fuel has a limited future and should not be invested in too heavily, environmental campaigners say.

They are especially against shale gas, whose environmental credentials are questioned in Europe.

"We need natural gas as a transition fuel. However, we don't need such a huge amount of gas and certainly not cheap gas, because that would kick out not just coal, but also renewables," Greenpeace renewable energy director Sven Teske said.
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Cheap and clean energy, like shale gas is anathema to "green" fanatics like Teske. These people prefer expensive Russian gas, or even "dirty" coal, rather than "American" unconventional gas, as long as they help to maintain the taxpayer funded huge subsidies for senseless "renewable" wind and solar energy. 


Wombat1965 said...

Be terrible if people had access to cheap and easily available energy (be that petrol, diesel, electricity, or gas)...gotta keep everyone under the thumb. These things are not a luxury, they are a necessity, and should be kept as cheap as possible.

justintempler said...

Shalegas is Greenpeace's kryptonite,