Monday, 17 September 2012

Dame Vivienne and idiocy

Dame Vivienne
(image by wikimedia)

“Before we have had class war, rich against poor. You know what the division is now? It’s idiots against eco-warriors. That’s it.
Dame Vivenne Westwood on the division between people who believe in climate change and those who don’t
(interview in the WSJ on September 16)

"The 71-year-old combined the shortest of shorts with clumpy platforms, chunky socks, a sequinned hat and a ragged T-shirt proclaiming “climate revolution”.
If that wasn’t bizarre enough, she topped it all off by drawing a crude moustache and monacle on her face with black marker pen – and at one point had what appeared to be a leather whip in her mouth.

Dame Vivienne Westwood at the presentation of her "Climate Revolution" collection in London on September 16.
In her WSJ interview Dame Vivienne also had this encouraging message to people who plan to have children: 
“Please consider if you want to have children. Do you want to bring them into a world in which 80% of people are going to die?…Within one generation we could see mass extinction. We’ve already started.”


JohnM said...

Yeah because nothing speaks against wasteful consumption of precious resources like the fashion industry. It's so last year darling

A K Haart said...

She's not much dafter than many a climate scientist.