Thursday, 20 September 2012

Germany´s Academy of Science and Engineering: There will be no climate catastrophe in Germany

German farmers will enjoy a longer growing season according the the German Academy of Science and Engineering
(image by wikipedia)
There is no reason to speak about any threatening climate catastrophe for Germany. That is the clear message by the German Academy of Science and Engineering (Acatech) as reported in several newspapers in Germany. Climate change is basically manageable, according to a new Acatech study made on behalf of the German government. "In this country we will have no such constraints which do not already exist in other regions and which as a rule are managed", says the German academy according to Der Spiegel. Neither is there according to the study any reason believe in horror scenarios about climate related mass immigration to Germany from other countries.

The academy instead chooses to emphasize the positive effects of climate change, such as a longer growing season for agricultural products and lower heating costs during the winter months. Also, e.g. Southwestern Germany will be able to enjoy a Mediterranean climate.

Kudos to the German Academy of Science and Engineering for having the courage to speak out, while so many other national science academies have chosen to act as megaphones for the global warming alarmists!

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