Thursday, 29 November 2012

Gazprom finally begins to diversify - wants to create a Soviet football league

Putin's new soccer league would not have to waste money on creating  a new logo.  This one would do fine, perhaps with the globe coming in the form of a football.

Putin's struggling pipe laying company is finally beginning to diversify. Gazprom is now proposing a football tournament for the top clubs of the former Soviet Union states:
Belarusian football powerhouse BATE Borisov say they will gladly compete in a tournament which would unite top clubs from the former Soviet Union states, currently proposed by Gazprom.
“The establishment of such a league is interesting by definition,” the statement on BATE’s official website said. “Given the strength of the Soviet Union championship, participation in the competition would be attractive to many teams.”
“However, it’s important to make the key points clear – the rules for participation of the clubs in this tournament, the principles of licensing, relationships with the UEFA and the terms on which the CIS countries’ representatives will take part in European tournaments. If these issues are resolved and specified in the competition’s regulations we think that from the point of view of the development of the Belarusian football and the country’s national team it would be a very interesting project."
The Belarusian club’s administration believes that the patronage of such a huge multinational company as Gazprom can really make the idea of the CIS league work.
This great idea must be the brainchild of Vladimir Putin himself. We all know that the dictator has during the last few years worked so hard in order to recreate his beloved Soviet Union. A Soviet football league would certainly be a step in the right direction. Who knows, maybe Putin even could get Gazprom's PR man, German football legend Franz Beckenbauer to promote this new tournament? And Putin's c lose friend Gerhard Schröder will of course be available, if the project needs political support. 

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