Thursday, 13 December 2012

A fake Santa in search of a new home

The real Santa would never leave his beloved reindeer to starve.

Of the thousands of apps on offer, this one, called Santa's New Home storybook app for iPad, iPhone and IPod Touch, must be the most stupid one:

In this story, it is Christmas morning and Santa has just returned from delivering presents all over the world. Just as the reindeer are being put away, he and Mrs. Claus and the elves hear a CRACK and a CRASH!

The Greenhouse, where all the beautiful Christmas plants are grown, has fallen through the ice. The polar ice cap is melting!

Because the reindeer are too tired to fly after going around the world in one night, Santa fires up his second favorite method of travel, a zeppelin called The Christmas Star. 

With his wife, Sarah Claus at this side, Santa is joined by four elves, Tinsel, Toby, Snowball, and Sherman, as they search the world for a new place to move the Christmas Village to. Along the way, the look for a place to set up shop in the Big City, the Florida Everglades, a deserted Pacific island, and a castle in England. 

Will Santa find a new home? Find out!

This Santa is quite clearly a fake. The real Santa would never consider moving to live in a castle, and leave his beloved reindeer to starve on the North Pole, or anywhere. 


Joe Daniels said...

The climate fascists need to get their claws off OUR children's minds and NOW!

NNoN said...

I completely agree.