Sunday, 9 December 2012

A noble gathering of the Order of Mutual Admiration in Oslo

The Grand Master,  Belgian bard van Rompuy, will be presented a medal of gold in Oslo.
(image by Consilium Europa EU)

Almost all members of the Glorious Order of Mutual Admiration of Europe, also known as the European Council, will tomorrow gather in Oslo, the historic stronghold of the western Vikings, founded a thousand years ago by King Harald Hardråde. This meeting extraordinaire has been called by the Grand Master, a Belgian bard by the name of van Rompuy, in order to make it possible for the other members to witness when he receives a medal of gold (192 grams of 18 carat gold) in the presence of King Harald V, head of the Norse Fossil Energy Kingdom. (The Grand Master will be assisted by the Portuguese High Priest Barroso and the minor Teutonic knight Schulz). 

The Grand Master, who upon his arrival in Oslo declared that "the EU is going through a difficult period ", is accompanied by a colourful retinue of court jesters, doorwards, pages and other servants.

Due to internal strife among his tribesmen, Cameron, the chief of the Anglo-Saxon tribes, will not be in attendance. In his place, Clegg, the head of a minor, now almost extinct tribe, will embark on the high carbon footprint journey to the land of the Norsemen. 

The Norse peace medal will, according to still unconfirmed reports, later be on permanent display on the top floor of the new Order building in Brussels, together with other holy relics and documents of the Order.  

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