Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Francois Hollande's empty "global warming" speech

French President Francois Hollande,again today showed why he is a lightweight at a time when his country is in need of a real leader. 

The French economy is in free fall, with record high unemployment (25%) and a shocking deterioration of competitiveness. But instead of addressing these urgent real problems, Hollande today found time for grandstanding at one of the many useless international gatherings, where "world leaders" give empty speeches about "renewable energy" and "global warming" (This time the event, which was sponsored by Abu Dhabi oil money, was called "The World Future Energy Summit"). 

This was Hollande's message:
"If we do not act ... you can be very sure we will have a catastrophe very soon," he said.
Mr Hollande said governments needed to unite in cutting greenhouse emissions and avoid climate change.

Failure to spend in developing renewable energy will increase demand
for fossil energy and "make its prices unaffordable," besides
increasing risks of global warming, he said.

And in order to avoid the "catastrophe", Hollande - suprise, surprise - called for yet another (useless) international mega conference!:

He reiterated France's offer to host the 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris in 2015 – the deadline set for world governments to sign a new global treaty on reducing emissions to replace the Kyoto Protocol.

With regard to energy, Hollande has himself done his best in order to make prices "unaffordable" by supporting France's incredibly unwise ban on shale gas exploration. 


The military intervention in Mali is another serious mistake by Hollande, who more and more looks like an emperor without clothes. 

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