Sunday, 13 January 2013

"Top green blog": "We're committing mass murder on a daily basis"

The envirofundamentalists behind Planetsave, a blog that describes itself as "one of the top green blogs on the internet", appear to believe that this kind of "information" will appeal to parents:

How We’re Killing Our Kids (& Ourselves)… But Don’t Care

If a mass shooting occurs at an elementary school, the whole country (and even much of the world) pays notice. And we focus on the news and what to do about it for days, or even weeks or months.
No complaint here at all! I think it’s an important matter that deserves our attention, and I do give it mine.
However, what’s absurd to me is that we’re committing mass murder on a daily basis and almost no one is paying any attention or working to solve the problem.---

...  without a livable climate, without the basics of human life, we die.
And so do our children.
And so do our grandchildren.
Unfortunately, that’s where we’re headed. Where’s the uproar? Where’s the nationwide or global focus on solutions? Each human life, one can easily argue, is priceless. But we’re treating them as worthless.
So, getting worked up about amass shooting is warranted, but it’s completely absurd that the world isn’t worked up about the many lives we sacrifice every day.

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