Saturday, 12 January 2013

Good news from the New York Times: The paper is shutting down its climate change desk

Finally, some excellent climate change news from the New York Times:

The Gray Lady has decided to shut down its environment desk

Andrew Revkin and his warmist colleagues will be "redistributed" to the paper's other teams. The editors maintain that the move will not affect NYT's efforts to cover climate change, but not everybody is convinced:

Margaret Sullivan, the Times' public editor, expressed dismay at the news.
"Symbolically, this is bad news. And symbolism matters – it shows a commitment and an intensity of interest in a crucially important topic," Sullivan wrote.
"If coverage of the environment is not to suffer, a lot of people – including The Times’s highest ranking editors — are going to have to make sure that it doesn’t."
Andrew Revkin, who writes the Times’ DotEarth blog, described reaction to the decision on Facebook and Twitter as “shock and anger.”

We say a happy goodbye to the "green desk", and wish Andrew Revkin a bright future in another New York Times team -  perhaps in the sports department?

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