Thursday, 10 January 2013

UK Met Office admits: No evidence that "global warming" is happening

James Delingpole takes on the UK Met Office, which now has had to admit that global warming has in reality stopped:

The Met Office quietly readjusted its temperature projections on its website on Christmas Eve. 
Until then, it had been confidently predicting temperature rises of at least 0.2 degrees per decade, with a succession of years exceeding even the record-breaking high of 1998.
Its latest chart, however, confirmed in a press release earlier this week, tells a very different story: no more global warming is expected till at least 2017. 
According to Dr David Whitehouse of the independent think-tank the Global Warming Policy Foundation, the climbdown couldn’t be more dramatic or more devastating for the Met Office’s credibility. 
‘They’re panicking. All the predictions they’ve been making about man-made global warming these past 20 years have started to come crashing about their ears.’
For two decades the Met Office has acted as Britain’s foremost cheerleader for climate change alarmism. In 2007, its Hadley Centre for climate change research produced a briefing document for the Government claiming its state-of-the-art computer models left no doubt: man-made global warming was a very real threat which needed to be addressed urgently by policy-makers.

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Slowly, but certainly the case for human caused global warming is collapsing ...
But before that, billions of taxpayers' money have been wasted on useless climate change policies and projects ....

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