Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Weather Channel is an excellent service - if you need information about "Cutest Cats in Snow"

If you need accurate information about the weather, the Weather Channel is probably not the source to turn to. A channel that chooses to spread James Hansen's global warming propaganda instead of reporting facts, looses its credibility: 

Cold Snaps, Global Warming Go Hand-in-Hand

Frigid temperatures like these are sometimes used to refute the idea that the planet as a whole is getting warmer with each passing year. That's just not so, say NASA scientists, who point out that even on a warming planet, bitterly cold temperatures and harsh winter weather will still be possible and even commonplace.
One of the reasons they can coexist is a phenomenon known as Arctic Oscillation, a phrase used to describe the interaction of the jet stream and Arctic air during the winter. It can cause unseasonably cold air masses to sweep over what are normally temperate latitudes, NASA reports, making for unusually cold and severe winter weather across many parts of the U.S.
On its website the Weather Channel boasts about the "many new products" it has developed. 

Here are a few of them:

Cutest Cats in Snow

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