Friday, 1 February 2013

Václav Klaus: "the best promoter of “social and environmental quality” is economic growth"

Opposing the global warming hoax does not mean that one does not care for the environment. On the contrary, as Czech President Václav Klaus pointed out in his remarks at the EU-CELAC Summit in Santiago de Chile, on 26 January:

- The term sustainable development is not an economic concept, but a political doctrine with far-reaching economic implications, and
- the best promoter of “social and environmental quality” is economic growth. The history has proved that the optimal economic response to social and environmental problems is abandoning any policies that hinder economic growth.
To say that does not imply any underestimation of social and environmental problems. This statement of mine is about sequencing – the economic growth makes the achievement of non-economic goals and ambitions possible. Being wealthier and having greater human capital means being able to employ cleaner, environment protecting technologies.
We have to take care of our forests, rivers, seas, of the air in the cities, but we should stop fighting the non-existent danger, the ideological doctrine of excessive, the planet and people endangering, man-made global warming. I find it promising that this catastrophic view about the future has already crossed its zenith. In our efforts to guarantee a prosperous future for both continents, Europe and Latin America, we should refute such politically motivated environmental agendas.

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