Monday, 25 February 2013

German high priests of global warming are celebrating at their holy temple in Hamburg

The red carpet is again today awaiting high priests of global warming at the German Climate Computing Centre in Hamburg. 

The German high priests of the global warming religion are today celebrating the 25th anniversary of their holiest temple, DKRZ, the German Climate Computing Centre in Hamburg

The director of the visualization and public relations department, Dr.
 Michael Böttinger, proudly describes the work done in this huge center:

"And many times the climatologists are doing this: 'We provoke the Earth virtually.' Then we add data which during the next decades will make the globe up to six degrees hotter. And many times even more."

That's how "world class" climate science works in Germany - and elsewhere. You always get what you want, depending on the input. And the current bunch of "leading climatologists" are programmed to want global warming. 

And when it comes to resources - staff, equipment and financing - the DKRZ high priests always get what they want. Their latest toy, the supercomputer "Blizzard", acquired a couple of years ago at the cost of 35 million euro, is already said to be outdated. Consequently Germany's politically correct politicians have not hesitated again to give them a helping hand - a brand new Supercomputer will ready to go latest by 2014. The bill, most likely close to 50 million euro, will of course be footed by the happy German taxpayers. 

The "Blizzard" 

The "Blizzard" annually uses as much energy as 4000 German households, but that does not bother the warmists in Hamburg the least. And of course the DKRZ uses only - heavily taxpayer subsidized - "renewable energy" to keep the "Blizzard" and its staff going. 

While the people at the DKRZ are waiting for their latest computer toy, Germans are beginning to feel the impact of their efforts in their daily life: There are now at least 600 000 German households without electricity, because they are not anymore able to pay the steeply rising electricity bills. 15% of all Germans are now threatened by energy poverty. 

(images by DKRZ)

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A K Haart said...

"Blizzard, acquired a couple of years ago at the cost of 35 million euro, is already said to be outdated."

Modelling insanity.