Thursday, 28 February 2013

Germany: Five winters in a row colder than average

The warmists' predictions about snowless winters in Europe have been proven wrong.

Dominik Jung, one of Germany's leading meteorologists brings us the following interesting information:

This is the fifth winter in a row in Germany which is colder than average

"Only a few years ago climatologists predicted that there would be no more winters in Germany with ice and snow. These days you only need to look out the window in order to know better". 

"Some clever climatologists first tried to explain this by saying that global warming was taking a breather. However, this breathing pause has now lasted for five consecutive winters. Accordingly, the debate about global warming has gone rather quiet lately. Whatever the reason may be."

"The earlier predictions and projections have been proven wrong, at least with regard to Germany and Europe and, taking into consideration the facts we have now, should be revised. Otherwise we will have a credibility problem. People are not stupid. They will understand what this is all about. So, let's see how long the 'global warming breathing pause' will last."  

How refreshing it is to hear a voice of sanity from Germany, the home of far too many envirofundamentalist greenies!

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