Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Congratulations to the Finnish National Police Board: Vladimir Putin on Finland's criminal blacklist (officially by mistake)

Putin as a KGB agent.

The Finnish National Police Board is to be congratulated for putting Vladimir Putin on a secret criminal register, which according to news agency AP could have theoretically gotten him arrested at the border. Of course everybody from the Interior Minister Päivi Räsänen downwards have apologized for the "mistake" - and the formal reason why Putin's name was added to the list is perhaps not the most convincing one. It is, however, widely known that Putin is a criminal dictator, who should be jailed, both inside and outside of the mafia state he has created. 
Finnish police say the Russian president's name was mistakenly placed on a secret criminal register that could theoretically have gotten him arrested at the border.
TV station MTV3 reported Wednesday that Putin was placed there for his contact with Russian motorcycle gang Night Wolves, though he wasn't suspected of a crime in Finland. But National Police Board spokesman Robin Lardot told the AP the listing was a mistake and that Putin's name was removed from the list.
"The National Police Board has investigated the case and indeed found that such a mistaken entry was in the register," Lardot told The Associated Press. "We have ordered it to be removed and are investigating the case very thoroughly. We don't know how it got there." He declined further comment.
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Finnish YLE television has some additional information:
According to the MTV3 programme "45 minuuttia", the NBI suspected that Putin might have contributed to organised crime, citing his links to a motorcycle gang. The addition of his name to the list took place last November, shortly after Putin gave an award to a leader of a motorcycle club called the Night Wolves.
However, the NBI told Yle that it did not have any ongoing investigations where the Russian head of state was suspected of any crime.

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