Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New study debunks another greenie propaganda slogan: Fracking does NOT cause any significant earthquakes

Another of the envirofundamentalist greenies' favorite propaganda slogans, "fracking causes dangerous earthquakes" has now been debunked:
Hydraulic fracturing used to access oil and gas from rock and shale hasn’t caused “significant” earthquakes, according to a study by Durham University.
“Hydraulic fracturing is not a significant mechanism for inducing felt earthquakes,” Richard Davies, director of the U.K. university’s energy institute, said today in a statement. “The size and number of felt earthquakes caused by fracking is low compared to other manmade triggers such as mining, geothermal activity or reservoir water storage.”
The new study is of course a bitter pill to swallow for groups like Greenpeace:
Tremors aren’t the only concern about the method, known as fracking, according to a Greenpeace statement. “Communities have also expressed concern about noise, disruption, traffic, falling house prices and a general industrialization of the English countryside,” Lawrence Carter, an energy campaigner for the environmental group, said in the statement.
It is interesting to see Greenpeace suddenly interested in noise, falling house prices and the preservation of the English countryside. These same greenies have no problem with all this when it comes to filling the English countryside with thousands of noisy, bird killing, ineffective and ugly wind turbines.

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