Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Former Maoist J.M. Barroso almost in a trance at the sight of his beloved "imperial" flag in Prague

A former communist and a former Maoist today joined forces at the Prague Castle:

The new Czech president hoisted the European Union flag at the seat of the country's presidency for the first time on Wednesday, marking a significant shift in attitude from his euroskeptic predecessor.

The Czech Republic joined the bloc in 2004, along with nine other countries, but then President Vaclav Klaus refused to raise the flag at Prague Castle, an ancient landmark.

But after Klaus's departure from office last month, new leftist President Milos Zeman - a self-proclaimed euro-federalist - made a point of hoisting the flag with much fanfare in one of his first public appearances.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso accompanied Zeman at the flag-raising ceremony, which featured a military band playing Czech and EU anthems.
The Maoist, who was almost in a trance at the sight of his beloved "imperial" flag, considered this occasion so important that he felt a need to tweet the following in the EU's premier language: 
Heureux de voir drapeau hissé sur Chateau de pour la 1ère fois depuis l'adhésion avec le Président


Flag raisings are without doubt some of Barroso's favourite events. They apparently make it easier for him to forget this less than pleasant reality: Only 34% of the Czechs have a favourable view of the European Union, and even fewer, 31%, think that European integration has strengthened their economy. 

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