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Warmists desperate in Australia: Alarmist Julia Gillard's likely successor as Prime Minister will dismantle the vast climate change bureaucracy

Tony Abbott 
Reason to celebrate: "Australian elections on 14 September threaten a rollback of years of climate change progress" 
The (warmist) Guardian

No wonder global warming alarmists are getting desperate in Australia. It now appears more and more likely that warmist socialist Julia Gillard will be replaced by the conservative climate realist Tony Abbott, when the Aussies have a chance to vote in the general election on 14 September. 

If everything goes well, Abbott will be a great ally for U.S. Republicans and climate realists everywhere:

A COALITION government would dismantle the climate change bureaucracy and put commissioners including Tim Flannery out of a job, Tony Abbott predicted yesterday as a report painted a gloomy picture of the future.
The Opposition Leader, who vows to remove the carbon tax if elected in September, said there would be no further need for the bureaucracy that supports it.
"When the carbon tax goes all of those bureaucracies will go and I think you'll find that particular position you're referring to will go with them," Mr Abbott said.
Mr Abbott will consider dumping the Howard government's renewable energy target, which he says is "significantly increasing the cost of power".
Speaking to Sky News last night, he equivocated on his previous support for the scheme, which aims to ensure 20 per cent of electricity comes from renewable sources by 2020. "There is going to be a serious review of this, should there be a change of government," he said. "We'll wait for the review before deciding what we do, but I take your point that renewable energy is increasing the price of power."
In the latest poll Abbot's coalition is supported by 50% of the voters compared with just 30% for Gillard's Labour Party. 43% of the voters think that Abbot will do a better job as Prime Minister. Only 35% are convinced that Gillard would be better. 

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