Sunday, 21 April 2013

Only 19 % of U.S. pastors age 18 - 44 believe in man made global warming

A clear majority (54%) of U.S. protestant pastors doubt the existence of man made global warming, according to a fresh report by LifeWay Research. What is encouraging is that younger pastors are the biggest skeptics. Only 19% of pastors in the age group 18-44 agree with the statement: "I belive global warming is real and man made". 

The LifeWay poll also shows that only seven percent of Republican pastors believe in man man made global warming, while 76% of their Democrat colleagues say said "they strongly agreed that global warming is real and man made". One can only hope that the misled Democrat pastors will soon discard the fake global warming religion and refocus on their original religious task. 

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