Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The economic failure of the European Union: Barroso blames member countries and citizens

"Prejudiced" European citizens do not understand the "problems", according to J.M. Barroso

The facts
  • Over 26 million people are unemployed in the EU countries
  • Eurozone unemployment rate is 12%, a record since the single currency was created in 1999
  • Youth unemployment in Greece is 58%
  • Youth unemployment in Spain is 56%
  • The eurozone economy has contracted for five consecutive quarters in 2011-2012
  • Forecasts for the first quarter of this year, to be released in May, are not expected to show any improvement

How does European Commission president José Manuel Barroso react to these dismal figures (which are a direct result of the EU's failed policies)?

Although faking some self-criticism, Barroso in reality blames the citizens for not understanding the "problems", due to "prejudices and reinforced stereotypes". And the other culprits are member state governments, who according to the former maoist "oversimplify debates":

"A policy to be successful not only has to be properly designed, it has to have the minimum of public support,” Barroso said. “We have not been able collectively to explain the problems.”
Addressing the lack of coherent discourse around the crisis, the EU executive chief slammed member states for over-simplifying debates, which led to prejudices and reinforced stereotypes, backfiring on the countries themselves, giving rise to nationalism and populism.
And how is Barroso going to solve the "problems"?
Surprise, surprise, by MORE integration!:
More integration is simply indispensable for our economy, to shield us from international rough weather to face strong completion and maintain the trust of markets and investors”
A real political leader gave a proper reply to this madness already in 1990:

"No. No. No."

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