Tuesday, 11 June 2013

German Der Spiegel: The UN 2 degrees goal "has become patently unrealistic"

Now, when climate change alarmism has peaked, it is time to skip the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change 2 degrees goal, which, according to German weekly Der Spiegel "has become patently unrealistic":

Limiting global warming to just 2 degrees Celsius, as called for by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, has become patently unrealistic. Political will is lacking, and emissions continue to increase. The target needs to be revised. --

Basically, there are three options to changing the primary target of international climate policy. World leaders could either allow the 2 degrees Celsius goal to become a benchmark that can be temporarily overshot, accept a less stringent target or give up on such an objective altogether.

The only sensible option is, of course, to give up the 2 degrees objective altogether, but this kind of honesty cannot be expected from the EU, the self proclaimed "global leader in climate policy": 

The EU will probably favor a reinterpretation over a complete revision of the 2 degrees Celsius target. However, that does not mean its preferences will necessarily prevail. What ultimately happens will be determined by the actions of major emitters, such as China and the US, and even more by how global emissions levels evolve over the next several years. If the trend is not reversed soon, a mere reinterpretation of the 2 degrees Celsius target might not be enough. If the EU wants to maintain its role as a global leader in climate policy, it will have to investigate all options for target modification as soon as possible, even those that seem politically unappealing.
No matter which option the EU chooses to pursue in the medium term, and which one is ultimately adopted in international climate policy, the relationship between climate policy and climate science will undoubtedly become much more pragmatic. The need to reinterpret or revise the 2 degrees Celsius target arises primarily from international climate policy's lack of success.

Thus, more political smokescreens are in the pipeline from the EU global warming alarmists, who are obviously not quite yet ready to admit that their costly climate adventure has been a huge mistake ....  

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