Friday, 14 June 2013

Head of UK Met Office Hadley Centre: "we now have rock-solid evidence to demonstrate that the world is warming"

UK Met Office has been forced to admit that global warming stopped 16 years ago, but that fact does not seem to bother professor Stephen Belcher, Head of the Met Office Hadley Centre, the least. There is no end to the praise he bestows on himself and his fellow modellers: 

We now have rock-solid evidence to demonstrate that the world is warming, and that this increase is due to human activity; we are as certain about these things as we ever can be in science.

The time has come for the climate science community to change its focus. We must now work to develop the tools that humanity needs in order to deal with climate change. This is what Climate Service UK is about. It is a framework to explain how weather-related events and their associated risks are likely to change over the coming seasons, years and decades. --

UK climate science is absolutely world class; there is no doubt about that. I am absolutely confident that the British climate science community has the skills and knowledge necessary to establish the type of service that will lead to job creation. Climate Service UK is about bringing this world-class expertise to the marketplace. This is a real opportunity for the UK.

But as Dr. Roy Spencer, Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama, points out, the real world looks somewhat different

In my opinion, the day of reckoning has arrived. The modellers and the IPCC have willingly ignored the evidence for low climate sensitivity for many years, despite the fact that some of us have shown that simply confusing cause and effect when examining cloud and temperature variations can totally mislead you on cloud feedbacks. The discrepancy between models and observations is not a new issue … just one that is becoming more glaring over time.

Hundreds of millions of dollars that have gone into the expensive climate modelling enterprise has all but destroyed governmental funding of research into natural sources of climate change. For years the modelers have maintained that there is no such thing as natural climate change … yet they now, ironically, have to invoke natural climate forces to explain why surface warming has essentially stopped in the last 15 years!
Forgive me if I sound frustrated, but we scientists who still believe that climate change can also be naturally forced have been virtually cut out of funding and publication by the “humans-cause-everything-bad-that-happens” juggernaut. Members of the public who fund their work will not stand for their willful blindness much longer.

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Derfel Cadarn said...

I(t is obvious that British climate researchers have gone beyond willful ignorance and have reached a state of delusion. Why is it that the "science" they speak of is either never available for review or when it is is so shoddy as to be charlatanism ? It is difficult to take seriously "scientists" that do appear to know the definition of science.