Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The G8 meeting in Enniskillen

I have not yet seen the final Enniskillen G8 statement, but it would be miracle if would be anything else than empty words. The problem with G8 is that there should not be a G8 at all - the original G7 should never have been expanded. The inclusion of dictator Vladimir Putin's Russia was a huge mistake. The thug in charge of Russia is now in a position to block any sensible agreements. 

Likewise, it was a mistake - although a fairly harmless one - to allow the unelected EU "president" to be present at these meetings. The haiku poet himself is of course celebrating his presence on Twitter, by publishing a "family photo" as proof of participation. Maybe Barack, Vladimir and the others even called him Herman!

Family photo pic.twitter.com/vDXpMMczIA

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