Wednesday, 19 June 2013

"The Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative" - another fake environmentalist project

An organization calling itself the International Tourism Partnership (ITP), working together with the World Travel & Tourism Council and 23 hospitality companies, has introduced the latest humbug in the hotel business, "The Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative". The director of ITP claims that corporate customers are "increasingly hungry for this information":
A new carbon initiative has been adopted by over 15,000 hotels around the world, according to The Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative allows them to calculate and communicate the carbon footprint of guests' hotel stays and meetings in a way that is consistent and transparent.
The measurement was developed by the International Tourism Partnership, the World Travel & Tourism Council and 23 leading global hospitality companies to bring this new methodology to their properties and to communicate the new initiative to a wide range of stakeholders, which includes industry associations, certification bodies and corporate customers. ++
"The industry's willingness and ability to come together to make sense of the carbon issue, for the benefit of the customer, is a significant achievement and a great example of practical, effective collaboration on a critical environmental concern," Stephen Farrant, the director of ITP, said. "With such a high volume of hotels globally now measuring their carbon footprint in a consistent way, and with corporate customers increasingly hungry for this information, this is a great step forward on World Environment Day."
Fortunately there are more than 500,000 other hotels in the world, which have chosen not to participate in this fake environmentalist project. However, Mr. Farrant could actually be right about corporate customers being hungry for the information about which hotels have chosen to join his Carbon Measurement humbug - in order to avoid them them in the future

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