Friday, 5 July 2013

Auf Wiedersehen to Germany's solar energy manufacturers - one after another they all disappear

The demise of the German solar industry is now almost complete: Today Conergy, the once flagship of Germany's renewable energy industry, filed for insolvency

Conergy and its domestic counterparts are under pressure as subsidies fall at home amid competition from Chinese solar providers that has depressed margins and panel prices

Q-Cells, Bosch Solar, Schott Solar, Sovello, Schüco, Odersun, Würth Solar ... one after another, all the much touted big German solar energy companies have disappeared. Only one, Solarworld, remains, but the company is struggling, and its future is anything but certain. 

So much for the new "green jobs" industry that Angela Merkel and her government colleagues have been busy promoting - and the German taxpayers subsidizing - both at home and abroad ...

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