Monday, 1 July 2013

Donald Trump continues his fight against landscape destroying and bird killing wind turbines in Scotland

The Ardrossan wind farm in Scotland.
(image by wikipedia)

"Wind farms are a disaster for the environment". "They kill the birds. They are very expensive in terms of energy."  "Who would build a hotel where the windows are looking right into an industrial turbine?"
Donald Trump

It is not difficult to agree with business tycoon Donald Trump in his fight against wind turbines in Scotland. And Trump is not alone in his opposition to these useless and expensive monsters:

He says Scotland is going to end up erecting thousands of wind turbines that'll have to be junked.
They're unreliable, highly inefficient and require heavy subsidies, he says.
Trump appeared before the Scottish parliament's energy committee last year with this warning.
"Scotland, if you pursue this goal, of these monsters all over Scotland, Scotland will go broke," Trump told parliamentarians. "As sure as you are sitting there, Scotland will go broke." --
Plenty of others share Trump's dislike of turbines, says Linda Holt, spokeswoman for Scotland Against Spin, an alliance of groups campaigning against Scotland's wind energy policy.
"I think there are tens of thousands of people, if not hundreds of thousands of people," Holt says. "I think in rural communities, they are so against them now there are hundreds of local groups who think the policy is ridiculous, is uneconomic, has gone far enough."

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