Thursday, 18 July 2013

British solar scientist on the smallest solar maximum in 100 years: "It all points to perhaps another little ice age"

“It is the smallest solar maximum we have seen in 100 years” 
 Dr David Hathaway, NASA.

The current lack of solar activity could mean that we are in for another little ice age, according to British solar scientist, professor Mike Lockwood

 Research by Prof Mike Lockwood at the University of Reading showed how low solar activity could alter the position of the jet stream over the north Atlantic, causing severe cold during winter months. This was likely the cause of the very cold and snowy winters during 2009 and 2010, Dr Elliott said.
“It all points to perhaps another little ice age,” he said. “It seems likely we are going to enter a period of very low solar activity and could mean we are in for very cold winters.


Doug Proctor said...

The solar cycle is not even that of the Dalton minimum.

We also have to drop temp FROM the current, not from that of 1800. Since our starting point is higher, so is our finishing point.

This "ice age" business is skeptic alarmism of the warmist CAGW level.

Does Hathaway have a book in progress?

NNoN said...

I would hesitate to call professor Lockwood any kind of alarmist. He is the Director of Research at University of Reading
Space Environment Physics
Department of Meteorology and a member of e.g. the following learned societies:

Fellow of the Royal Society of London (FRS)
Fellow, Institute of Physics (FInstP)
Chartered Physicist (CPhys)
Member, American Geophysical Union
Fellow, Royal Astronomical Society (FRAS)