Monday, 15 July 2013

Spain is again showing the way for the wind energy industry - without huge subsidies it ceases to exist

Spain, the former international "star" of wind energy, is now the the best example of what happens to an industry that is totally dependent on huge taxpayer subsidies:

Wearing face masks and wielding sanders, two workers smooth the surface of a massive fan for a wind turbine at the Gamesa factory in Aoiz, a town in Navarre, northern Spain.
But in hard times, it will be winds in Finland, not Spain, that make the finished product spin.

Last year, the plant delivered a wind turbine park to Malaga in southern Spain and another to Burgos, in the north, said factory manager Javier Trapiella.
"Now we don't produce for Spain," he added.
"It has all stopped."
For green energy producers, Spain has changed from a paradise with generous public support to a markedly less agreeable home.
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's conservative government is imposing an austerity regime to plug an accumulated energy sector deficit of 26 billion euros ($34 billion).
On Friday, the horizon darkened further with the approval of reforms cutting annual state aid for renewable energies by more than one billion euros.

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The Spanish wind lobby is of course whining, but the taxpayers are grateful. Now it is up to the Rajoy government to stop the remaining wasteful subsidies. 

Spain is again showing the way for the wind industry ....

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