Sunday, 25 August 2013

German columnist Henryk M. Broder: The European Union becoming a Soviet Union with a human face

What the German author and columnist Henryk M. Broder says about the European Union is spot on:

The belief in Europe has become a kind of secular religion, in which the first commandment is "Thou shalt accept everything that is proclaimed in Brussels!" If you do not agree, your are a heretic. You will not, as was the case during the Inquisition, be burned to death, but in the worst case you are invited to "hard but fair", where you are told that, if Europe goes down the drain, the detractors who have badmouthed Europe are to blame.

This is how all totalitarian systems work. They begin with the promise to make people happy; and if there are people who have a different view about happiness than the providers of happiness, then they must be re-educated, until  the last sceptic understands, that it is better to swim with the stream than against it.

The European Union is clearly becoming a Soviet Union with a human face.

Read the entire column here (in German).

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