Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Greenpeace activists invade a Shell refinery in Denmark dressed in oil-based Polar Bear party costumes

Greenpeace activists dressed as polar bears have invaded a Shell refinery in Denmark this morning:

Shell’s oil refinery in the Jutland city of Fredericia was invaded by about 40 Greenpeace activists dressed up like polar bears early this morning.
The activists forced entry to the Dutch oil giant’s refinery just after 6am and a group of them immediately began climbing up one of the refinery’s large silos , where they hung a banner featuring an image of the well-known yellow and red Shell logo juxtaposed with a polar bear's face. --

The activist group in Fredericia includes Danes as well as individuals from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, Germany and Latvia.

The Greenpeace polar bear squad:

Greenpeace activists from at least seven countries dressed in fancy Polar Bear party costumes made of oil derivatives. By the way,
did Greenpeace count the huge carbon footprints of the activists who took high carbon emission flights to Denmark?
(image by Greenpeace)

The greenies pretend to be saving the Arctic, but the only ones benefiting from their PR stunt are the  manufacturers (Chinese?) of their cheap Polar Bear dresses. The Greenpeace outfit is strikingly similar to this "Polar-Bear-Mascot-Costume-Fancy-Dress" sold by

1.The deluxe costume is including head,body suit,gloves,shoes(a real boot,not only a cover)

2.It can fit 5'2"(160cm) to 6' feet (180cm)Weighing up to 180lbs.$30usd more if you need a larger size.

3.The body of this outfit is machine washable. The head can be Dry cleaned.

4.Discount accepted if you buy multiple costumes.

The "polyfoam material" used for the Greenpeace costumes is based on crude oil derivatives. The dresses could in fact be based on raw material from the Shell refinery in front of which the greenies are parading!

At least Greenpeace got a good discount for ordering "multiple costumes"! But did the Greenpeace purchasing department check that the costumes are not made by Chinese slave labor or children?


If  Greenpeace "activists" still insist on wearing fancy party dresses, here is a much nicer Polar Bear dress for the next PR stunt:

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