Thursday, 10 October 2013

Gore blames the media for not getting the publicity he was used to

Al Gore to The Atlantic: "Deal with the heat through tree planting and green roofs."

This is how Gore himself "dealt with the heat":
"Al Gore had much to celebrate at New Year as he and his partners in the Current TV
cable channel venture cashed in by selling out to Al Jazeera for $100 million."
“He’s supposed to be the face of clean energy and just sold the channel to very big oil,
the emir of Qatar!” said one senior Current TV staffer.

Al Gore blames the media for not getting the publicity he once was used to:

“It is now like a family with an alcoholic father who flies into a rage whenever the problem is mentioned, so everybody learns to keep the peace by never speaking up,” he said. “The news media, for example, is largely scared to death to say the word ‘climate.’ The coverage has been pathetic.”
For all these failings of the press and the politicians, Gore offered two solutions: Impose a carbon tax on companies and publicly shame climate change neglecters and deniers.
“We have to put a price on carbon in the marketplace, and we have to put a price on denial in the political system,” he said.

Oh yes, of course Al had something nice to say about "climate change deniers", too:

.... he used some pretty extreme language to condemn climate change deniers, comparing them to gay bashers and 1960s-era racists.

If anybody should be publicly shamed, it would be the hoaxter and hypocrite Al Gore

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Lani Roscoe said...

al gore is a shameless liar. He has done nothing but scare the willfully ignorant lemmings into believing the HOAX he and his minions have perpetrated on societies world wide. The main reason he has done this is for money - the root of all evil. I am happy the media no longer has him and his lies in the forefront of the news. gore and bho now want to tax everyone for CO2 please people learn, CO2 is a good thing and we should not be taxed for being alive!