Monday, 7 October 2013

The true costs of the subsidized wind turbines in the UK (and elsewhere in Europe)

The true costs of the uneconomic, landscape destroying, bird and bat killing wind turbines to UK taxpayers and businesses have been calculated:

Every British household will pay an average of more than £400 in higher bills over the next six years to pay for subsidies under controversial Government plans to hit green power targets.
The money will go solely to paying for otherwise uneconomic offshore wind turbines, onshore wind farms, biomass plants, landfill gas sites and hydro power plants, new figures show.
The first analysis of newly agreed prices paid to “green” generators, carried out by the Taxpayers’ Alliance, shows that the total subsidy will be nearly £22 billion by 2020.
The subsidies are paid for by consumers and businesses through their annual bills and passed to the green energy generators.
Half of energy bills are paid by business, with the other half by domestic consumers, and the total subsidy divided among British households equals £425 per household. --

Dr Lee Moroney of the Renewable Energy Foundation, which is critical of the “green” energy plans, said: “Government subsidies which are added to electricity bills in order to meet over ambitious EU climate change targets are complex, opaque, and very expensive for the consumer.

The same story everywhere in Europe - the costs of the monstrous wind turbines are skyrocketing. But with the case for human caused global warming failing (nor warming during the last 15 -17 years), more and more people are beginning to realize the insanity of the European Union's climate policy. And the politicians will follow - otherwise they will not be re-elected ...

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