Wednesday, 13 November 2013

EU youth unemployment "summit" in Paris: "No new ideas"

                                        Another failed European Union "summit"                                             

Yesterday 24 European heads of state and government wined and dined at the Palais de l'Élysée. The formal reason for the gathering was to tackle youth unemployment across the EU, which now stands at 23.5%.

Reuters summarizes the "summit":

European leaders pledged on Tuesday to make fighting youth unemployment in the bloc a priority but came up with no new ideas to tackle a problem that risks fuelling social unrest and distrust of mainstream parties. --

"We must show that Europe is part of the solution, not the problem," Barroso said. "It's not Europe that created the problem - it is divergence in policies that created the problem."

A look at the main headline of the European Commission's home page shows what Barroso's Commission is focusing on during this scandalous youth unemployment crisis:

Ambitious EU plan could slash use of plastic bags by 80%
The EU could radically reduce its use of disposable plastic carrier bags over the next 4 years, under plans put forward this week by the Commission.

Perhaps Barroso's secret plan is to offer Europe's unemployed youth jobs as official EU plastic bag inspectors?

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