Saturday, 16 November 2013

Tough times for Hollywood climate change celebrities: The L.A. eco night club has closed

It is tough to be a Hollywood climate change celebrity nowadays. The only real L.A. eco night club, Ecco Ultra Lounge, has gone out of business, in spite of offering "eco-friendly cement, free valet parking for Hybrids, and a solar-paneled roof".

Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Daryal Hannah and the rest now have take their private jets to London in order save the world by partying in the proper environment:

Club4Climate is setting the bar for these future thinking establishments. Located in London, this club starts its message even before a patron passes through the front door. If you walk, take public transportation or bike to the club (and can prove it) your cover charge (normally 10 GBP) is waived. But don’t think you’re getting in that easy. Before anyone can enter they must sign a pledge to be actively eco conscious in all of their future decisions.
Once a club goer has made it through the front doors the real eco nature of the club can be seen; the dance floor. The nightclub floor is suspended on springs that hover centimeters above a set of piezoelectric crystal blocks. When the dance floor is forced down by the dancers it compresses the crystals creating an electrical charge. This charge is sent to batteries that power over 60 percent of the club.

In spite of the long jet flight, the trip to London has its rewards:

When dancers have worked up a sweat they can head over to the bar and refresh with organic drinks in polycarbon cups and then relieve themselves in bathrooms that use recycled water. With this club located on Pentonville Road, there is no reason not to be eco fabulous.

Probably the "recycled water" from the "bathrooms" is also used for the drinks. Ordinary guests could - if they are lucky - in this way enjoy almost the same cocktail that a green celebrity already once enjoyed ...

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