Wednesday, 6 November 2013

"From Brussels with love" - The European Union wants to have a spy agency of its own

In a time of belt tightening the EU might settle for this overcoat as the official
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"Europeans spy just as much, US intelligence chiefs say"

By this time it has - surprise, surprise - become clear the everybody is spying on each other, and also accusing others of spying. While this crazy security circus continues to catch the headlines, the bigwigs in Brussels are not prepared to sit on the sidelines.

They now want their own spy agency!

EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding has said the Union should create its own intelligence service by 2020.
Speaking on Monday (4 November) to Greek daily Naftemporiki on the US snooping scandal, she said: "What we need is to strengthen Europe in this field, so we can level the playing field with our US partners."
She added: "I would therefore wish to use this occasion to negotiate an agreement on stronger secret service co-operation among the EU member states - so that we can speak with a strong common voice to the US. The NSA needs a counterweight. My long-term proposal would therefore be to set up a European Intelligence Service by 2020."

Judging from the fact that the EU already has an extensive (and more or less useless) foreign service  and a plethora of other common "services", it is more than likely that we will soon be blessed with an European Intelligence Service, with hundreds of agents operating all over the world. And as the new EU Bonds will be recruited from all the (now) 28 member countries, they will of course all be spying on each other!

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