Monday, 4 November 2013

WWF: "world is warming more quickly" - despite the fact that warming has stopped even according to IPCC

The facts:

Met Office Data Shows Global Warming Standstill As IPCC Confirms Global Temperature Has Stopped Rising

The global warming ‘pause’ has now lasted for almost 17 years and shows no sign of ending – despite the unexplained failure of climate scientists’ computer models to predict it.

WWF propaganda:

It's nearly impossible to overstate the threat of climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions are rising more rapidly than predicted and consequently the world is warming more quickly.

Global warming will have catastrophic effects such as accelerating sea level rise, droughts, floods, storms and heat waves. These will impact some of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people, disrupting food production, and threatening vitally important species, habitats and ecosystems.

Despite compelling scientific evidence, governments and businesses have responded very slowly. Even if countries fulfill all current mitigation pledges, the world will still face between 2.6 and 4 ºC of warming.

WWF, the "world's largest independent conservation organization" is clearly not telling the truth when it says that "the world is warming more quickly". Regrettably mainstream media allow WWF (and other eco-fundamentalist organisations) to get away with their untruthful  and misleading scaremongering.

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