Thursday, 30 January 2014

Angela Merkel is not honest about the Europan Union and the euro

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (a de facto social democrat) is right, when she says that the euro crisis is not yet over. But she is not honest, when she states that a "real economic union" is what is needed in order to solve the crisis:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a fresh push to create “real economic union” through changes to European treaties, saying that the euro-area debt crisis isn’t yet defeated.
Addressing lawmakers in Berlin today in her first policy speech of the year, Merkel said that Europe risks falling behind unless the 18-nation euro region expands binding commitments and improves its current “unsatisfactory” coordination on economic policy.

“Without decisive progress on this front, without a quantum leap, we won’t overcome the European sovereign-debt crisis,” Merkel said. “We might learn to live with it somehow, but we won’t keep our place at the top of global development.” --

“It has to be Europe’s aim to emerge from the crisis stronger than it went in,” Merkel said. “Because that is so, we can’t trust the deceptive calm we’re seeing right now” in the euro area. The currency union must be deepened “and I’m convinced that this requires further development of the EU’s treaties,” she said.

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Merkel knows very well that the euro crisis cannot be solved without the European Union becoming a real political union - a federal European state - but she does not want to say it. Instead she is mumbling about "further development of the EU's treaties", because she knows that neither the majority of German voters, nor the voters in other EU countries, are prepared to support a federal European state.

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