Sunday, 26 January 2014

New EU survey: Only 4% of Europeans think that climate change is a major issue facing the European Union

The European Union, the self proclaimed leader in international negotiations on climate change, has spent - and continues to spend - hundreds of millions of euros on various climate change/global warming projects. The EU is also lavishly financing all the major green campaign groups effectively in order to lobby itself.

But despite of all those millions - and the help offered by most MSM media - Europeans do not seem to share the notion that climate change/global warming is one of the more urgent issues facing the European Union.

The latest Eurobarometer survey must be depressing reading for EU climate czar Connie Hedegaard and all the other warmists in Brussels:

When citizens in all 28 EU countries were asked about the most important issues facing the EU, only 4% said it was climate change.

In Italy, Portugal and Greece a whopping 1% of the people think that climate change is a major issue. In Spain, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland and Cyprus the number is slightly higher, 2%. Neither do the British and the French seem to consider climate change a huge problem - only 4% think it is one of the major issues.

Even the "green" Danes seem to find other issues more pressing - only 12% consider climate change a major issue.

The Swedes are here in a league of their own: 24% believe that climate change is one of the two most important issues the EU is facing.

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pojoel said...

Over a decade of hardcore watermelon propaganda, with 84% of our "journalists" being red/green has done it's dirty deed in my poor country (Sweden)...