Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Tea for two: David Cameron's "most important partner" on EU in London

UK foreign secretary William Hague thinks that Angela Merkel is David Cameron's "most important partner in seeking a new relationship between EU member states":

William Hague has suggested that Angela Merkel is sympathetic to the UK's efforts at reforming the European Union, ahead of the German chancellor's visit to London later this week to discuss overhauling immigration rules.
Hague said Merkel understands David Cameron's position and is the most important partner in seeking a new relationship between EU member states.
Cameron appears to be making a special effort for Merkel, who makes a whirlwind trip to London on Thursday, as Downing Street believes she could use the trip to publicly back his efforts to bring about treaty changes.
During the visit Merkel will have tea with the Queen and become the first German chancellor to address both houses of parliament.
Hague said serious renegotiations about the UK's relationship with Brussels will not start until after the next election, but the talks with Merkel will mark the start of finding "common ground" for changes.

Hague is probably right, if this is what David Cameron wants:

"We need more Europe," Merkel said. "We do not only need a currency union, we also need a so-called fiscal union - that is, more joint budget policy."
Merkel said Europe needs first and foremost a stronger political union, with member states ceding more national responsibilities to Europe and allowing the EU more control.

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