Saturday, 1 March 2014

Putin sends a nationalist bike gang to Crimea amid rumours of a Russian takeover

                                         Putin and his friend Aleksandr Zaldastonov at a bike
                                                 show in 2011. Putin was not capable of riding an ordinary
                                                 Harley Davidson, which is why he was riding a three wheeler ...

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has sent his friend Aleksandr Zaldostanov, the leader of Russia's nationalist biker gang " The Night Wolves" to Crimea amid rumors of a Russian takeover of this autonomous Ukrainian republic.

Zaldostanov, nicknamed "The Surgeon" for his skill with a knife in a fight, told Time magazine about his plans:

“We are here to defend our country, or at least the parts of it that remains ours. We will defend it from the fascists who have come to power. So let it be known to all of them. Wherever we are, wherever the Night Wolves are, that should be considered Russia.”
In his view, “Russia” would include a swathe of Ukraine reaching far beyond the Crimea. On Saturday morning, the Night Wolves are organizing a massive motorcycle column that will ride from the northeast of Ukraine all the way along its eastern edge, covering nearly all of the Russian-speaking regions of the country

Last April it was disclosed that the Finnish police hade placed Vladimir Putin on a list of wanted criminals in Finland for his ties with Zaldostanov and the "Night Wolves". Being placed on the list translates to automatic detention at the Finnish border as a criminal.

Finland's interior minister then extended Putin "sincere apologies for the incorrect registry". However, considering what "The Surgeon" is doing right now in Ukraine on behalf of Putin, it might be time to re-enter the former KGB agent on the list - and not only in Finland.

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