Sunday, 16 March 2014

Is Putin planning a grand celebration of the return of the Crimea?: The Red Army Choir is on full alert

Vladimir Putin apparently planning a Sochi style huge celebration of the return of the Crimea to his empire. I would not be surprised if Valery Gergiev is already rehearsing with the Red Army Choir, ballet and orchestra:

Russian Defence Ministry has cancelled a planned tour of Finland by the Red Army Choir, ballet and orchestra. The St Petersburg troupe, including more than 100 members, was to have performed in Helsinki, Tampere, Imatra, Pori and Rauma in the coming weeks.
Tiina Kudjoi, a concert organiser from the west-coast city of Pori, says that the reason given for the cancellation is that members of the Russian military have been forbidden to leave the country due to the Ukraine crisis.


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