Friday, 20 February 2015

National Weather Service suspects that global warming is behind the record-breaking "Siberian express"

The "Siberian Express" makes its mark on central and eastern US:

The central and eastern U.S. prepared for another blast of record-breaking cold, snow and ice on Friday after already frigid temperatures shattered all-time lows.
It was the coldest morning in Chicago in 79 years. At Niagara Falls, the majestic rushing water was obscured by blocks of craggy ice. In Florida, the start of spring training felt less than springlike.

Surprise, surprise, Matthew Rosenkrans at the warmist US National Weaterh Service already points to global warming as the reason for the record freeze:

In the future, climate change may lead to more extreme weather conditions, such as this frigid winter, he added.
"More extreme events do show up in some of the modeling studies under the warming planet scenario," Rosencrans said.

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