Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Time for Obama to act - Ukraine needs lethal weapons

The latest from Ukraine:

Russia-backed separatists say they have gained control of a key rail hub in eastern Ukraine.
The Donetsk News Agency, a rebel mouthpiece, quoted the rebel's so-called defense ministry as saying on Tuesday that their forces have pushed government troops out of Debaltseve and are now controlling a large part of it.
Fierce fighting on Tuesday, two days after a cease-fire was announced for eastern Ukraine, appeared to be focused on Debaltseve, which both sides claim is on their side of the cease-fire line.
Government troops and the separatists were expected to begin withdrawing heavy weaponry from the front line on Tuesday but Associated Press reporters saw no sign of that on the ground.

Putin's and Merkel´s "cease-fire" was of course never going to work. Time for Obama to act! Ukraine needs lethal weapons in order to stop dictator Putin´s aggression.

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