Friday, 18 March 2016

A brief description of the EU in action: "poorly designed, badly managed, chaotically supervised"

Another example of what the EU has become:

European Union aid to halt migration is so poorly managed that Jean-Claude Juncker’s officials are unable to say how much has been spent, a scathing report has found.
The finding by the European Court of Auditors came as leaders gathered in Brussels to haggle over €6 billion of aid to Turkey. Britain is prepared to pay its share of £500 million, in exchange for Turkey accepting the deportation of tens of thousands of asylum seekers and economic migrants.
An estimated €1.4 billion of EU overseas aid was spent in countries such as Algeria, Georgia, Moldova, Morocco and Ukraine on Europe’s periphery in order to halt migration between 2007 and 2013.
But the report warned the projects are poorly designed, badly managed, chaotically supervised and, as a result, are often ineffective.

One can only hope that the British by voting for Brexit will bring this monster a huge step closer to the end ...

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