Friday, 18 March 2016

Life in luxury for EU "Ambassadors": "complete make over" in order to "reflect the personality of the Ambassador"

A few years ago the new EU Ambassador to Singapore appointed the international design and architecture firm dwp to redesign his modest (about 600 m²) residence. Here is how dwp describes the result:

The project incorporated all areas of the 6,000sqft two storey property in a complete make over which was to reflect the personality of the Ambassador himself, be cogniscent of the level of entertaining and visitors that the Ambassador has to deal with through normal duties and of course to be ever mindful that this is a "home".

The formal rooms of the residence were designed so that the Ambassador's personal collection of artifacts, pictures and photographs could be displayed to become features of the rooms without being overbearing. The collections of photographs are really quite outstanding and were all taken during the Ambassador's travels around Asia. The images convey the simplicity of the living style whilst conveying these Asian tones.The informal areas including the kitchen, the study and the family rooms are designed to better reflect the personality of the occupants. The rooms are based on a simple efficiency of space making all areas uniquely usable. Lighting is controllable and intimate whilst furnishings are chosen for comfort rather than making a statement of personality ensuring that the residence conveys and is used as home rather than a showcase.

Keep in mind that the EU Singapore "ambassador" has at least 138 colleagues, who live in residences, which "reflect the personality of the Ambassador himself". The European Union has to be the ideal customer for design and architecture firms like dwp. An EU "ambassador" stays for about three years, after which it is time for "a complete make over to reflect the personality" of his successor ... !

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